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Category: Aluminium


20’6” x 6’6” aluminium body, floor plates 8mm thick in rear and 6.2mm remainder.

Side plates, headboard & backboard 4.76mm thick.

Sloping rear end with double skinned back board.

Front opening stainless steel toolbox on N/S of chassis.

Fire extinguisher holder O/S and N/S of chassis.

Sign plate holder on O/S and N/S of chassis.

Tailgate has double air operated lock gear complete with rubber seal, cattle truck fasteners and bungee cord.

Supplied with electric/hydraulic side to side sheeting system.

Binotto front end tipping equipment with hazard warning alarm.

VPG on board 4 cell weighing equipment.

Body finished in 2pac topcoat paint.

  • O/S Front
  • O/S
  • O/S Rear
  • Back End
  • N/S Rear
  • N/S Front

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